Hi, I'm Joshua Cody

But most folks just call me Josh. I help make the internet from sunny Austin, TX with my lovely wife and dog, and I try to be nice while doing it.

If you want to find me online, you might check Twitter (currently on hiatus) or Rdio or GitHub. And when I'm not online, you could catch me doing any of the following: making coffee, having a good beer, spending time with our community at Vox Veniae, eating delicious tacos, going for a run, or travelling.

Profesionally, I help make scholarship management software with the great team at AcademicWorks. That primarily looks like wrangling JavaScript and working with Rails, but could be anything from digging into server logs to whipping together some print design.

If you'd like to reach me or you're ever in Austin and want to grab a beverage, go ahead and email me.

Christmas 2012 with Caroline Henry in the mud Being a kid Town Lake Siphon pot Fire on the Mountain Caroline at the Capitol Twin Falls Henry as a pup Us and the Webbs Torchy's Me and dad Portland sign Downtown Austin Henry leaping Caroline at Jester King